Edward Huang

Titles and Organizations

Associate Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, College of Engineering and Computing

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 993-1672
Campus: Fairfax
Building: Nguyen Engineering Building
Room 2238
Mail Stop: 4A6

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Edward Huang has focused on enabling, applying, and advancing model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to help transform the state of the engineering design and systems engineering practice. He has architected complex systems including the joint strike fighter production chain, border security system, semiconductor production and scheduling, airport baggage handling system, and pharmaceutical clinic trial distribution network.

Before Edward Huang joined George Mason University in 2012, he was a Senior Systems Engineer with Optym. His current research focuses on multi-fidelity design theory for supporting engineering design, risk mitigation and insider threat detection. He has been PI/co-PI of several projects funded by NSF, CICMHE, AFOSR, POSTECH and IARPA.


Research Interests

Decision Analysis, Optimization, Systems Architecture, Transportation Engineering, Model-based Systems Engineering