The Systems Engineering and Operations Research department, part of Mason's College of Engineering and Computing, offers BS and MS degrees in Systems Engineering, Operations Research, and Data Analytics, and a PhD in Systems Engineering and Operations Research.

A Field with Promise and Flexibility

Dear students, parents, and partners

Welcome to the Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research. 

In SEOR, we study, analyze, and develop methods and tools for decision-making to solve complex real-world problems and for the design and enhancement of contemporary and future systems.

We apply our knowledge to a wide of fields, including health care, cybersecurity, the environment, transportation, and finance.

SEOR faculty are world-renowned leaders in education and in research. We aim to advance the frontiers of knowledge, and  strive to provide our students with a foundation that will serve them for a career of life-long learning. Our focus is not only on technical knowledge but also on broad systemwide thinking, and the ability to be a leader in your field.

We engage in problems that have an impact on society and improve the world around us. Because we're a few miles from Washington, D.C., in the heart of a thriving region that is rich in opportunities, we are uniquely positioned to achieve that.

John Shortle

John Shortle

Graduates of our programs are rewarded with successful and exciting careers. The opportunities are almost endless. 


John Shortle, 
Professor and Chair
Systems Engineering & Operations Research
George Mason University