Business and Government

Sponsor a Graduate Capstone Project

If you have a tough problem that needs considerable research and creative solutions, consider partnering with our Graduate Capstone Project program. Your organization can benefit from new ideas from the bright minds in Mason's Systems Engineering and Operations Research programs. 

Sponsor a Senior Design Project

Your organization can engage with Mason students with creative collaboration on a Systems Engineering Senior Design Project. 

We've studied logistical issues for the American Red Cross, looked at battlefield operations for the military, evaluated evacuation plans for major areas such as D.C., devised mechanisms to clean the Chesapeake Bay, studied sports technologies that teach athletes how to avoid injuries, and helped a food bank/shelter better serve its community.  

Your enterprise will find several benefits in forming a partnership with us, such as:

  • Specialized master's degrees, graduate certificates, and continuing education short courses developed to provide your employees with the skill sets needed to meet your goals. 

  • Research partnerships with faculty at the top of their fields.

  • Access to some of the most talented students in the nation, enabling you to have first choice from a rich, deep hiring pool. 

  • Collaborative problem solving with our students as they work on senior design projects.