Transferring from Community College

The education you receive while earning your Associate of Science degree can prepare you for the rigorous curriculum of the Systems Engineering BS at Mason.

Under the Virginia Community College System, students wishing to pursue a bachelors degree​ at a participating public university can get enhanced transferrable credits and guaranteed admission after completiing an associate's degree. Visit the Office of Admissions transfer page for more information about regulations and requirements for transfering to Mason from a community college under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

To stay on track for our Systems Engineering program, check in frequently with your academic advisor, who'll be your best resource for Mason admission requirements. Follow the course schedule and equivalencies outlined in this advising sheet; the VCCS general education core requirements for an associate's degree are similar to Mason's. If you follow this plan, you'll have earned most, if not all, of your general education credits. This will give you more time to concentrate on courses related to your BS degree in Systems Engineering. ​​

Woodbridge campus of NOVA

If you’re studying at the Woodbridge campus in the NOVA system and want a BS in Systems Engineering from Mason, following our guidelines can help make that happen.