Career Options

Your Opportunities Are Unlimited

As a Systems Engineering and Operations Research graduate, you’ll have career choices. Your skills can be applied across a variety of fields and in a variety of positions.

If you work in one specialized area for a few years and want a change, you can take your skills to another field and dive right in. Your skills will be portable and marketable.

Career paths include:

data scientist

policy analyst

systems engineer

analytics expert

supply-chain manager 

 senior scientist

government analyst

systems analyst

financial analyst

Craft the Life and Career You Want

If you want to work, you will. Our Systems Engineering and Operations Research graduates have no trouble building careers.

Our graduates are highly recruited, and it’s not unusual for our third and fourth-year students to get part-time jobs before graduation.

SEOR has a somewhat unique "problem": Our undergraduates work too much before graduation because they start as paid summer interns and are asked to stay on through the academic year.

Not a week goes by without companies or government agencies calling to recruit our graduates. You'll get frequent email announcements of job openings, via faculty members or the department, based on outreach from employers.

Many of our master’s students are working professionals who enter our program to improve and gain new skills. Some want to start their own companies. Recruiters have a hard time because many of our master's students are already employed when companies and agencies come here seeking highly skilled professionals.