Research, Academics Make You an Expert in Your Field

Our PhD program integrates systems engineering and operations research, blending strong analytical and computational capability with an overarching systems perspective.

Our faculty have a depth of experience in the application of techniques used by industry and government. Their work and research also paves the way for advancement in the field in many areas of study. You'll have no trouble finding an expert who can mentor you in your own area of interest.

Doctoral candidates have opportunities to work on real-world problems within business and government agencies while developing new technologies. Researchers work with teams within both business and government agencies.

Our graduates are recruited for positions in leading academic institutions or obtain prestigious research positions in the D.C. area at government labs or federally funded research and development companies. You'll find resources, networking opportunities and contacts here.

Because our PhD program has a global reputation for excellence, we attract many students from other nations. With the increasing influence of globalization, being a part of our community of international scholars provides our students the ability to network and work with researchers across many disciplines across the world.

Our doctoral candidates also include working professionals who come to us for the technical expertise and credentials needed to increase their skills and raise their career and earning potential.

Systems Engineering and Operations Research, PhD 

Mason’s doctoral program in Systems Engineering and Operations Research offers a unique integration of systems engineering and operations research. This integration gives students a strong analytical and computational capability and an overarching systems perspective that is well-grounded in application. The program prepares students for leadership positions in research and development in government, industry, research organization, and academia.