Student Projects

Sponsor a Senior Design Project

Your organization can engage with Mason students with creative collaboration on a Systems Engineering Senior Design Project. 



Sponsor a Graduate Capstone Project

If you have a tough problem that needs considerable research and creative solutions, consider partnering with our Graduate Capstone Project program. Your organization can benefit from new ideas from the bright minds in Mason's Systems Engineering and Operations Research programs. 

Our Students Solve Real Problems

Our undergraduate and masters students work on design projects that seek solutions to real-world, large-scale problems that are complex, often ill-defined, and hard to tackle, then produce an initial design solution.

Mason engineering students on athletic field

Systems engineers, from left, Samuel Miller, Andrew Tesnow, Amr Attyah, and Maribeth Burns demonstrate their ACL prototype. They created the device as part of their Senior Design Project, "Design of A System for Identifying Risk and Mitigating ACL Flexion/Extension Injuries."

Closeup of ACL device
SEOR students experimented with ways to prevent ACL tears.

Both undergraduates (two-semester team projects) and graduate students (one-semester interdisciplinary team projects) will summarize their work in a project report, writing a paper that meets the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Teams present their projects to the SEOR faculty.

Undergraduates also present their projects at two national Senior Design Competions.

These projects are sponsored by a company, agency, or non-profit organization. The instructor typically works with the sponsor to establish the expectations and scope of the project, while the sponsor is responsible for providing the necessary data to complete the project. 

Something else to keep in mind: Sponsors often make job offers to the students they meet in the course of this work.

"I decided to study Systems Engineering because I always wonder how something works, and I enjoy working with different things. I can learn different fields of engineering, and I get to work on something new each project."

— Marquise Downs, SEOR student