We value people who want to make things work better. We're looking for problem-solvers with the big-picture view, those who can sort through minor details and find a solution that creates a cohesive whole. If that sounds like you, that makes you one of us.

Who We Are

The Systems Engineering and Operations Research department includes:

  • Highly motivated students.

  • Faculty who are experts in their fields.

  • Alumni building companies and connections.

  • Business partners who sponsor real-world research

  • Working adults adding to their skills.

  • Researchers doing life-changing work.

Our students:

  • Create prize-winning projects.

  • Earn high-profile internships.

  • Conduct meaningful research.

  • Solve real-world problems.

  • Are highly recruited by employers.

  • Form global social networks.

Volgenau students walk by the Nguyen building

You'll find friends and a support system in the Systems Engineering and Operations Research department at the College of Engineering and Computing.

On the Run for Research

Systems Engineering & Operations Research master's student Ricky Neary gathers data at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo on October 30. He and team members Nghia Nguyen, Mumtahina Muahmud, and Elshaday Yilma headed to D.C.'s National Harbor to gather data for a capstone project that they hope will generate a mathematical model for Marathon organizers to use to help with Expo planning for the next several years. The team will share their results at the end of the semester.